There are many potential parents who consider adoption but are concerned about the legal procedures involved. Consider working with Carlos H. Ochoa, Attorney at Law if you’re looking for a trustworthy adoption lawyer in the McAllen, TX area. Charlie is an experienced family lawyer who has successfully helped many individuals through the adoption process. In addition, he is also a stepparent adoption lawyer and can help you obtain legal custody of your stepchild. Call our adoption law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Why You Need an Adoption Lawyer

The adoption process can be somewhat complicated. Because of this, it is often beneficial to search for a trusted, knowledgeable adoption attorney. A qualified attorney knows how to help with any documentation necessary and can help you prepare for interviews and home checks. So, consider working with Carlos H. Ochoa, Attorney at Law. Charlie has been working as an attorney for almost 30 years. During that time, he’s been able to provide legal advice and support to many different clients. If you are searching for an adoption lawyer in any of the following areas, please consider giving Charlie a call:

  • Edinburg, TX 
  • McAllen, TX 
  • Mission, TX 
  • Harlingen, TX 
  • Alamo, TX 
  • Weslaco, TX 
  • Raymondville, TX 
  • Faysville, TX 

Another situation in which you may need an adoption lawyer is if you are a stepparent considering adopting your stepchild in order to make a more permanent legal connection. However, the process for adopting a stepchild has a few legal barriers to overcome, and as such may require the assistance of a stepparent adoption attorney. The steps are as follows:

  • The stepparent petitions the court; asking to adopt the stepchild as their own. (They may decide to find an adoption lawyer for assistance in this process.)
  • It is determined whether or not the process will proceed. A trial may only proceed if a) the stepchild only has one living biological parent, b) the non-custodial parent agrees to allow the adoption to proceed, or c) the non-custodial parent is missing from the child’s life.
  • The non-custodial parent’s rights to parent are terminated.
  • You and your spouse file for joint custody.
  • The court will perform a social study, as well as interview you and your stepchild.
  • There will be a hearing in court to complete the process.

When looking for adoption attorneys, you want to find one who will provide you with personalized attention. Charlie speaks directly to all of his clients to make sure he accurately addresses their unique situations. In addition, he is a bilingual lawyer and can converse with you in either English or Spanish. If you’re searching for an adoption attorney in the McAllen, TX area, please consider giving him a call today.

Looking to Adopt in Texas? Here’s How an Experienced Adoption Law Firm Can Help You

Adoption is an exciting prospect, but the adoption process can be stressful. There are several things that an adoption lawyer can help you with:

  • Home Studies: As an important part of the adoption process, professionals will visit your home to ensure that it is suitable for a child. In addition, they’ll likely gather information on your lifestyle, your financial stability, and other important factors.
  • Interviews: You and any family members living in the same household will be interviewed before the adoption can proceed. Many adoption attorneys will help prepare you for interviews so you know what to expect.
  • References: You will need several references in order to go through an adoption. Your attorney can help you make sure you’ve got the references necessary.

While the adoption process can be daunting, it’s also incredibly rewarding. To make sure everything goes smoothly, work with a qualified adoption lawyer. Consider calling Charlie for expert legal advice. Schedule your free initial consultation today, and learn more about what he can do for your family.

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