No one wants to consider that their marriage may end in divorce. However, the possibility exists, and many individuals prepare for this by getting a prenuptial agreement. In order to prepare the document, individuals will need to find a qualified prenuptial agreement attorney. That’s where Carlos H. Ochoa, Attorney at Law can help. As a longtime marriage and prenuptial agreement lawyer in the McAllen, TX area, he has plenty of experience helping couples draft their unique agreements. He has handled a variety of family law cases, including ones involving mediation and divorce. As such, he’s prepared to help with your situation. Additionally, he is a bilingual marriage attorney and can speak to clients in either English or Spanish. Call him today to learn more about prenuptial agreement pros and cons. 

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Do You Need the Assistance of a Prenuptial Agreement Attorney?

A prenuptial agreement is a document a couple prepares before getting married. This agreement stipulates how property and debt are to be divided in the event of a divorce. Additionally, certain conditions may be added to the agreement. For example, the document may state that if one spouse commits adultery, most assets will go to the other partner. It’s important to discuss with your prenup attorney any conditions you may want to include to ensure the agreement is fair. 

While prenuptial agreements can be excellent assets, they aren’t for everyone. If you are uncertain about whether or not you should get a prenuptial agreement, it can be beneficial to speak to a prenuptial agreement attorney. Generally speaking, individuals who may want to consider such an agreement include: 

  • Business owners. 
  • People who have children from other marriages. 
  • Individuals who may inherit or have inherited property from a family member. 
  • An individual whose spouse has significant debt. 
  • Couples where one partner enters the marriage with significantly more assets than the other. 

Charlie can help you determine if a prenuptial agreement is the right choice for your situation. Additionally, if you do decide to get an agreement, he can help you complete the process. Contact an experienced prenuptial agreement attorney today for your free consultation. 

How an Experienced Marriage Lawyer Can Help You

There are several major benefits to getting a prenuptial agreement. These include: 

  • An Easier Divorce Process: When getting divorced—even amicably—there can be a lot of stress and concern over dividing assets. With a prenuptial agreement, the terms of the division of assets will have already been decided. 
  • Protecting Family Assets: During a divorce, there is the chance certain assets that used to belong to your family may be awarded to your partner. Getting a prenuptial agreement means you can make sure these assets stay with you. 
  • Protecting Yourself from Debt: If your future spouse has a significant amount of debt, you may want to consider getting a prenuptial agreement to make sure you don’t find yourself dealing with it later on. 

Charlie can help to ensure that the agreement you come to is fair to both parties. Consider calling Charlie if you’re searching for a prenuptial agreement attorney in any of the following areas: 

  • Edinburg, TX 
  • McAllen, TX 
  • Mission, TX 
  • Harlingen, TX 
  • Alamo, TX 
  • Weslaco, TX 
  • Raymondville, TX 
  • Faysville, TX 

Charlie knows it’s important to personally assess each individual’s situation. That’s why he’ll speak with you himself, rather than directing you to a paralegal or assistant. If you’re looking for a prenup lawyer in the McAllen, TX area, consider giving him a call today. 

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