Looking for a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in the McAllen, TX Area?

If you’re facing a divorce, you know it can be a challenging and emotional process. If you want to minimize the cost and stress that comes with going through the court system, a divorce mediation lawyer will help you find an amicable solution. Even if your marriage ends relatively peaceably, you may want to consider divorce mediation instead of the traditional divorce process. 

Working with a divorce mediation attorney can help reduce the stress of the divorce process and allow you and your partner to part on good terms. Contact Carlos H. Ochoa, Attorney at Law if you’re looking for an experienced divorce mediation lawyer in the McAllen, TX area. Charlie is a separation lawyer who has helped many couples through the mediation process. Call him today to schedule a free initial consultation and see if divorce mediation is right for you. He will represent your interests in court and help guide you through the legal process. This includes filing paperwork and attending hearings on your behalf. He can also provide legal advice about how best to proceed with your case.

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An Experienced Bilingual Divorce Mediation Lawyer Offering Personalized Service

Divorce mediation lawyers are experienced in helping their clients navigate the legal process while working towards an agreement. They will help you identify what matters to you most and help you find common ground with your spouse. 

A divorce mediation lawyer will also provide support throughout every stage of the process, including:

  • Gathering information about assets and debts
  • Exploring child custody options
  • Negotiating parenting plans, spousal support, and division of property

As an experienced mediation lawyer, Charlie is confident that he can provide you with successful and helpful legal counsel throughout the process. He will always work hard to provide you with an outcome that offers what you and your spouse both want. In addition, Charlie is a bilingual lawyer, providing legal services in both Spanish and English. So, if you are seeking guidance but prefer to speak in Spanish, call him. He provides exceptional legal counsel for all of his clients.

Consider calling if you’re looking for a lawyer in any of the following areas:

  • Edinburg, TX
  • McAllen, TX
  • Mission, TX
  • Harlingen, TX
  • Alamo, TX
  • Weslaco, TX
  • Raymondville, TX
  • Faysville, TX

When you’re looking for a divorce mediation lawyer, you want to find someone that will provide you with personalized services. As such, consider working with Carlos H. Ochoa, Attorney at Law. Charlie works with you personally to make sure you’re receiving the best service possible. Call him today if you’re looking for a separation lawyer and receive your free consultation.

Why Work with a Divorce Mediation Attorney?

Divorce mediation is different from traditional divorce proceedings. It involves working with neutral divorce mediation attorneys in order to come to a peaceful agreement outside of court. The benefits of mediation include:

  • Avoiding costly court procedures.
  • Less stress since your lawyer actively helps keep the process civil.
  • You and your former partner have more control over the proceedings.
  • The situation is less stressful for any children involved.

While divorce mediation may be beneficial, there are certain factors to consider before looking for a mediation lawyer in Hidalgo County. Mediation is generally best for couples where both parties have agreed to the divorce. Additionally, while many issues can be worked out with the assistance of a separation lawyer, it is helpful to have already agreed on some financial and child custody issues. Failing to come to an agreement on either of those things may lead to rising tensions, which may cause mediation to fail. Despite this, mediation is generally a beneficial option for couples who part amicably.

When you and your spouse decide to use mediation instead of a traditional divorce, the first step is to find a lawyer near you. You’ll begin by setting up an initial meeting with your mediation attorney. This gives your attorney the opportunity to learn more about your situation. Additionally, it also allows both spouses to speak their minds about the situation and explain their own expectations about how certain issues will be handled. From there, your separation lawyer will help the two of you work out any differences you might have and help you come to an agreement you’re happy with. Mediation has no time limit; once the process begins, you can meet with your lawyer as many times as necessary to come to an agreement.

Call Carlos H. Ochoa Attorney at Law if you’re looking for a dependable lawyer in the McAllen, TX area. Charlie is trained to deal with a variety of divorce issues, such as the division of assets and financial assistance. He has been providing mediation services to couples for nearly 30 years. Consider giving him a call today for a free consultation.

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