Carlos H. Ochoa, Attorney at Law practices as a property division, estate planning, and will lawyer in McAllen, TX and the surrounding areas. Charlie has almost three decades of experience and knowledge in the field of law. If you and your spouse need assistance with dividing property, or if you are a senior seeking out expert guidance on elder care law, call our firm today. Reach out to up with a free consultation with experienced property division lawyers.

In property division law, before dividing property, your lawyer must first determine whether it is community property or separate property. Community property is generally considered anything that was obtained during the marriage and is owned by both spouses, and as such is subject to division. Separate property is anything a spouse may have had before marriage. It can also include gifts given to only one spouse. Separate property isn’t subject to division; it goes entirely to the spouse who owns it. While the distinction between the two seems clear enough, there is enough nuance involved that consulting a property division attorney is generally beneficial.

Finding a good lawyer can help with more than just the specifics of determining community and separate property. An experienced attorney can also help make sure that all parties divide the property fairly. They can protect your rights and help guide you through the entire process. When thinking about property division between you and your spouse it’s important to seek out professional legal help as soon as possible. The longer you wait to hire a property division lawyer, the more difficult it will be to resolve issues that may have already arisen. To avoid this scenario, hire an experienced property division lawyer in your area like Charlie. He will explain the different types of property and how you can fairly divide them up. Call him today to set up a free consultation to discuss property division law.

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An Experienced Attorney Can Help to Take Care of Your Estate Planning Needs

As you get older, elder care law becomes more relevant to your day to day life. Elder care law deals with estate planning, health care, elder rights and more. When you begin thinking about the estate planning process, it is important to seek out an experienced elder care attorney. They will be able to walk you through your rights and help out with long-term care planning.

In Texas, there may be specific statutes that impose a duty of care in your situation. Someone may be legally obligated to senior care. If an individual is under contract, then they have a duty to provide care for a senior. It can be difficult to know about the rights and responsibilities you have if you aren’t well informed on state laws. That’s why you should hire a knowledgeable attorney for your protection.

Work with a Trusted Will Lawyer in the McAllen, TX Area

Carlos. H. Ochoa, Attorney at Law has helped clients in all stages of elder care planning. Whether you want to get into a contract that will make an individual or institution responsible for a senior’s care, or you want to place filial responsibility on adult children, Charlie can help. As an experienced will attorney, he can walk you through any state laws that pertain to your situation, and help you draft a will that honors your wishes and protects your family. 

Whenever your looking for property division lawyers in the McAllen, TX, area, Charlie is ready to assist you. 

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