As you get older, you begin to think about preparing a will and trust. Estate planning involves arranging the disposal of someone’s estate during and after their lifetime. As an experienced estate planning lawyer, Carlos H. Ochoa knows how difficult it can be to organize these documents on your own, which is why he offers legal services as a will and trust attorney in the McAllen, TX area. He will answer all of your questions and provide support for however you choose to manage your estate planning. So, if you are searching for a lawyer who has extensive knowledge and experience providing legal counsel for wills and trusts, put your trust in Charlie. Call today to schedule a free consultation with reputable estate planning attorneys.

Charlie is pleased to offer estate planning services in the following areas: 

  • Edinburg, TX 
  • McAllen, TX 
  • Mission, TX 
  • Harlingen, TX 
  • Alamo, TX 
  • Weslaco, TX 
  • Raymondville, TX 
  • Faysville, TX 

If you need estate planning services, then please call Carlos H. Ochoa Attorney at Law. Charlie will be happy to assist you.

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Seek the Guidance of an Expert Estate Planning Attorney

With nearly three decades of experience practicing law, Charlie is proud to keep providing legal services for his neighbors in the McAllen, TX area. He has dealt with many wills and trusts for clients in the area and wants to help you ensure that yours is exactly the way you want it. Whether you are ready to start estate planning or simply have a few questions about it, he is here to help walk you through it. In addition, he is a bilingual attorney, so whether you are seeking legal assistance in Spanish or English, he can help. Put your trust in Charlie today. When you call our firm, we will set up a free consultation so that you can discuss your specific situation with Charlie.

Will and Trust Lawyer: Why You Need One

If you’re planning on providing support for your loved ones even after you’ve passed, you may be thinking about creating a will. A will allows you to help out family and friends even when you’re not able to be there anymore. If this sounds like something you are currently considering, get in touch with Carlos H. Ochoa today. Charlie has been proudly offering legal services in the McAllen, TX area for nearly 30 years. With his past experience assisting clients like you, he is more than qualified to help you lay out your will. As your trust attorney, Charlie will ensure that when you’re gone, things will still be as you want them to be. He will do so by making sure all details are accurate and that you haven’t missed anything important in your documents. 

Unlike a will, a trust is a legal agreement that allows another party to handle your assets for the benefit of your beneficiaries. Unless you’re a professional in the legal field, it can be tough to decide whether you need a trust or not. That’s why Charlie is here. He will walk you through the pros and cons of creating a trust in your scenario. In addition, he will ensure that if a trust is made, it will be done efficiently and properly. You don’t want to make a minor mistake and have your family suffer from it later. So, we recommend you seek out the guidance and support of a legal professional. Choose Charlie to be that guide. He will work diligently to ensure your wants and needs are precisely laid out in the trust. 

Reach out and schedule a time for your free trust consultation with estate planning attorneys in the McAllen, TX, area.

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