A statutory durable power of attorney is what allows others to make decisions on your behalf should you no longer be able to. The exception is for medical decisionswhich require a separate document known as medical power of attorney. When creating this document, there are typically two individuals specified: the principle, or the person who is appointing the power of attorney, and the agent, or the person obtaining power of attorney. As an experienced elder care lawyer, Carlos H. Ochoa, Attorney at Law can provide legal assistance for seniors planning for their families’ futures after their passing. If you need assistance with power of attorney appointment, a knowledgeable elder law attorney can help. Charlie’s legal services are available in McAllen, TX and the surrounding areas, including: 
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Charlie has helped many individuals with a variety of legal documents; including medical power of attorney and durable power of attorney. He has nearly three decades of experience, and as such has the skill and knowledge necessary to make sure everything goes smoothly. He is an excellent choice if you’re searching for an elder care lawyer in your area. Call today to set up a free consultation. 
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Power of Attorney vs. Statutory Durable Power of Attorney: Understanding the Difference

A statutory durable power of attorney remains valid even after you’ve become incapacitated, while power of attorney ends on your death. Carlos H. Ochoa Attorney at Law is available to help residents in the McAllen, TX area in deciding whether they need such a document. Charlie takes the time to sit down with you and carefully assess your situation. Then, he can help you determine whether or not durable power of attorney is really needed; and will honor your wishes for how much power you’d like to give to your agent. He’ll help prepare the legal documents, and make sure they’re legally sound. So, if you’re looking for a power of attorney lawyer, work with Charlie. Contact him today for a free consultation, and to learn more about this service. 

Speak with an Experienced Elder Care Attorney to Determine Whether Power of Attorney Appointment is Necessary

In order to create a power of attorney, the principle must seek out a power of attorney lawyer. They must still be of sound mind in order to appoint someone as power of attorney. If they’ve deteriorated to the point where they are already unable to make decisions for themselves, then, unfortunately, power of attorney cannot be assigned. The principle, working with a lawyer, can set how much control they want the agent to have. For example, the principle may want their agent to have full legal control over all decisions, or they may only want them to be able to make specific legal decisions on their behalf. 

While getting a durable power of attorney isn’t necessary for everyone, it may be a good idea if you fear you’ll be incapacitated in the future. Without this document, your family may have to go to court and fight in order to make legal decisions for you. If you are still uncertain about whether or not to get a durable power of attorney, call a trusted lawyer to seek advice for your specific situation. 

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